Legacy & Future Proposition

Mangalam Educational Institutions founded in the year 2002- 03 has grown from a small-scale institution with 7 students to over 3000 students currently pursuing various classes and courses. Today we are spread in diverse arenas of the education industry offering courses varying from kinder garden to Masters in Education. We have undertaken a sustainable journey of transformation by foraying into new arenas of educations and related systems, and exploring new propositions in a bid to keep our spirit alive, and to continue growing.

Our ultimate goal is to be declared an autonomous university offering unhindered education to people of all segments of the society whilst ensuring that we are at the forefront of knowledge creation through research and innovation. Keeping in line with the Mangalam tradition, Change is prominent in our lives and with change the system calls for development and addition of new fields. Mangalam has evolved over time to a hub for all diverse educational needs. With every new dimension being explored Mangalam is fast turning into a research hub for new and innovative educational techniques. Much can be attribute to the robust system in place.

Here below we have envisioned our set of strategically important entities that would influence the educational system and the society.


Year Institution
2003- 2004 Mangalam Nursery and Primary School
2003- 2004 Mangalam High School
2004 -2005 Mangalam Higher Secondary School
2005- 2006 Mangalam Teacher Training College
2005- 2006 Mangalam College of Education B.Ed.
2009- 2010 Mangalam Matriculation School
2010- 2011 Mangalam College of Education M.Ed.
2011- 2012 Mangalam Central School – CBSE

Future Proposition

Year Institution
Soon Mangalam Agricultural College
Soon Mangalam School of Advanced Mathematical Sciences
Soon Mangalam College of Engineering & Technology
Soon Mangalam College of Arts, Sciences and Linguistics
Soon Mangalam School of Management & Advanced Logistics