Chairman – Mr. C.K. Kandasamy

Mr. C.K. Kandasamy is a first generation entrepreneur from humble backgrounds. He began his self made career at the tender age of 17 and has thrived over the years to build a successful organisation under the Mangalam Groups in diverse financial and retail industries. Mr. Kandasamy pursued his schooling at the Pallapatti Government high school and prevailed as a lead student in all facets of education. He still holds records for many achievements during his schooling days.  He dropped of out of school due to then family scenario to pursue a job in the micro finance industry.Initially he worked under others for mere wages and toiled towards creating a venture of his own. As years went by his aspirations to rise ahead of others helped him establish retail outlets of his own and open manufacturing units that provided jobs to hundreds of front line workers.  This attitude towards wok and his passion for new ventures and philanthropic service lead him to the Education industry. 

Under the guidance of his trusted counsel Mr. Kandasamy understood the system well and has offered a blend of conventional and contemporary education to all at an affordable price.   He is the founder and Correspondent of all Mangalam Institutions. It is in his vision that this school was created to be different and constantly evolve.  He heads the institution in all administrative and academic matters, he is directly involved with all day-to-day activities. 


Secretary – Mrs. Selvamani Kandasamy

Mrs. Selvamani Kandasamy wife of Mr. C.K. Kandasamy acts as the driving force behind all administrative, functional tasks of the institutions. She has run many businesses along side her husband over the years sharing equal glory in all facets of the organisation. Her relentless perseverance in times of adversity has stabilised Mangalam time and again during times of adversity. Keeping her motherly love and educational passion at the forefront she continuously endeavours to excel and acts as an inspiration 


Director/Treasurer – Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy

Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Kandasamy is currently the Managing Director of Mangalam Educational Institutions. He completed his schooling at the renowned Montfort School Yercaud. He holds an Under Graduation in Business Management and Marketing form Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Kavin also holds a Masters in Global Management from the much-reputed Rouen (NEOMA) Business School near Paris in France.Through his education from around the world and his associations with the international business scenario, he gained much knowledge of the developments and the ever-changing business scenario. In today’s business world were employment opportunities are only for the few Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy decided to leave lucrative offers and return to pursue dream in Educational services and the cerate jobs in the Indian business scenario.

Mr. Kavin serves passionately at the forefront for the transformation of education and the role it plays in empowering the society. It is his belief in transformational education that has helped Mangalam Educational Institutions remain dynamic and constantly evolve to be ahead of the curve in delivering value-based education. He has envisioned a Private University in 25 years that excels in research and creates knowledge whilst delivering that acquired knowledge through a structured framework to the masses. Under his stewardship Mangalam Educational Institutions has a new brand image that resonates the vision for the future whilst symbolically creating an objective to reach and thrive under.


Chief Administrative Officer – Mr. R. Rangasamy

Mr.R. Rangasamy is a retired District Educational Officer and a passionate academician who has served in the educational service sector for the last 35 odd years. His long tenure and experience in the industry has helped him understand that education is primitive for the growth of a student and the collective society. It’s under his guidance and meticulous planning that the institution has grown in strength every year till date.Mr.R. Rangasamy has sanctioned many school licenses for the greater development of the society back in his days as the DEO. His approach towards the need to spread quality education has contributed to the strong foundation of the Institutions principles. He has always been at the centre of all development at Mangalam. He currently heads all Functional and Administrational activities at Mangalam. Through dedication of an entire lifetime to the teaching profession, he has acquired wisdom that is imperative for the transformation educational offered at Mangalam.


Advisory Counsel

Mangalam Educational Institutions is guided by veterans and visionaries in different fields ranging from Academics, Services, Industries and Business. The counsel comprises of seven people, three permanent member and four changing members to ensure innovative vitality.