we recently changed our logo from the traditional lamp enclosed in the purity of olives to a more contemporary but yet deep and meaningful symbol that embodies our vision for the future. Change is the only permanent factor in our daily lives and for those who realise the potential of change, are the ones who lead and inspire to change the world for better. As an Educational Institution no matter how conventional our values, it is imperative that we aspire to change and influence our students to change for progress and create a better world fulfilling greater destinies.In this logo we aspire to influence, inspire and be inspired for generations to come. This logo would serve as the precedent for generations to look, serve and function in the unlimited potential of good education. Here is an explanation of the logo and the message it brings with it

Lotus – The lotus is a pure flower no matter the dirty waters it dwells in. In similarity the Educational Institution is a pure organisation that serves for the betterment of the society irrespective of dark or gloomy the society is.

M – This M refers to Mangalam and the ideologies, vision, philosophy and founding principles of this organisation. It stands as a testament of hope and belief that all things big, start with one small step at a time. This shall guide us on forever.

Lamp – The lamp signifies enlightenment. When strong Vision and Ideologies are combined with Education. A person is an enlightened soul, contributing to the growth of thyself and all around. With this comes greatness. 

Flame – Three stripes – Meridians - The three stripes denotes the value of time and its mystical charm in our lives. The three lines symbolically impersonate the meridians that cut across the globe through which time is calculated in different zones around the world. It implies that our pupil should aspire to go beyond their comfort zone and reach beyond the horizon. It also reflects the value of time as a permanent but ever changing factor, whilst reminding us that the Past influence the Present and the present influences the future, so make it count. Value every moment in your life.These combined reflect the holistic education we at Mangalam Educational Institutions strive to provide for your children.