School Profile

Mangalam Central School Mangalam Central school was started in the year 2010 by Thiru C.K. Kandasamy, Chairman, who founded the institution for providing quality education. In the recent year Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasam has joined him to play an integral role in the positive evolution of the institution.

The Vision of the school is to promote effective learning and Teaching. We envision our students to be respectful and responsible citizens contribution positively to the society. The Teachers are able to support students in their educational, social and emotional growth.We inspire a love for learning , empower the pursuit of personal aspirations and nurture a desire to contribute to the society.The school’s Values are respect, responsibility, honesty and hardwork.

We strive to create a positive climate that prepares students for future growth. They are taught to take up the responsibility for their own action and exercise self- discipline to have courage to tell the truth even it is difficult to do so. The unique student centric curriculum followed here endeavours to attain the seven educational needs essential for the children.

  • 1.Integrated value system
  • 2.Ability to make the right choice
  • 3.Balance between creativity
  • 4.Leadership within community
  • 5.Maximize intelligence potential
  • 6.Empowerment
  • 7.Self-imposed discipline.

Classes: Pre K.G., - 7th Grade

Syllabus: CBSE Medium: English

Hostel: Yes